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I’m obsessed with being online, posting, testing out inventions, running experiments, seeing how people respond to software I build, or crazy ideas I have. I’m always delegating to virtual assistants. If I’m not on my computer I’m walking through traffic and crowds of people consuming content on my phone. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, actually I think it’s what everybody should be doing. I’m always brainstorming and thinking about the matrix we all live in. How can I make it better, what are the problems, what will it be like in the future?

I have A LOT of virtual hustles going on. Most of them are little businesses I am testing out or trying to grow.

I’ve been debating with whether or not I should “open source” all the things I do with virtual assistants. I mean share with everybody my log of tasks that I delegate to virtual assistants. It isn’t an easy choice. Somebody could copy me or get mad at me for the things I delegate out. But, in the spirit of sharing, also in the spirit of motivating you to go down the virtual assistant rabbit hole yourself, here is my first attempt at releasing my person log.

These are a lot of the tasks that I have farmed out to our virtual assistant, Twinsy. To get started using Twinsy, it’s as easy as sending your first message.

Follow Unfollow On Twitter
There still aren’t many great bots that do this and they get shut down all the time. You need to keep your social media presence growing and find more and more people to connect with you based on interests. Tags, profile, keywords… all good things to target on Twitter.

Create A List Of Clothing Services  
I was considering starting a clothing company, and still am. I live in LA so I needed a list of people who provide garments, and prototyping services, including prices. Later I could go through and contact them or compose a message and have virtual assistants do it for me.

Angelist Growth Hacking  
My software business needs a constant influx of customers and connections to build apps and partnerships. Connecting and messaging these people in networks like Angelist is the spam free, new frontier version of LinkedIn. The opportunity is insane here, and I’ve made MONEY doing this.

Add LinkedIn Connections
As shitty as linked in is, it is a numbers game to get to where you want to go. Adding connections in your industry is an ongoing and tedious process that is perfect to farm out to virtual assistants.

Linkedin Growth Hack – Messaging
After connections are made, or during that time you are requesting, you should always send a messaging introducing yourself as a human who is not interested in spamming other humans.

Create Craigslist Accounts    
I have virtual assistants create Craigslist account to sell random stuff because I hate doing it myself. I buy so many goddamn electronic devices that I use a couple times and then throw into a drawer, feels good to make some of the money back, declutter, and feel less wasteful.

You can also use these Craigslist accounts to test out little business ideas, hire, find good stuff to buy, etc. Think of all the things you could do on Craigslist that are helpful, then imagine a virtual assistant doing it for you.

Transfer Leads To Trello Boards   
I often move, export, and rearrange my lead boards for different businesses I’m running. Don’t do any of this stuff yourself, it’s a losing proposition.

Follow Up With Linkedin Leads  
Staying up on your lead generation, relationships, and personal brand game is a never ending story. First you get VAs to send out a simple message offering, then you have them follow up a day later if you get any bites. Anybody who bites, you send them a follow up message, either a link or maybe schedule a call. Then you close. ABC = Always Be Closing.

Find Mandarin Chinese Tutors
I need to keep my mandarin Chinese from going very rusty. I like to watch Chinese movies, talk to my Chinese friends, and I like to kiss Chinese investor asses, so it’s always good to have nice tutors to join me for walks or join me in the office to make sure my mandarin Chinese language skills don’t suck.

Build Spreadsheets Of People Following Instagress  
Instagress got shut down, it’s a growth service for Instagram. I figured having this list of people following Instagress would be great to target with similar services. Again, lead generation and making money should be a high priority in your virtual assistant game.

Follow / Unfollow Twinsy Account Social Accounts
I use Twinsy to grow Twinsy. This is dogfooding squared. If I can’t use Twinsy to grow Twinsy, then it’s a failure. Twinsy is a virtual assistant you can use to grow your business, like a battery you plug into a phone.

Slack Growth Hacking
I am now joined into hundreds if not thousands of Slack groups. I have had VAs log into all of these accounts and also report on how active they are. VAs at Twinsy organize all of these groups into categories. If I have content I want more eyes on, or I want to get more discussions going about a product, I will use this list to spread the word. I don’t do it myself, I have virtual assistants do it all for me. If they find something interesting they report to me, if they don’t, I don’t really care about it.

Find Apartments For Rent
I’m always looking for a nicer place and I have this done regularly. Virtual assistants are great for finding properties, making lists, etc. Rent isn’t cheap and the process of getting into a new place can be nerve racking and tedious.

Create A Bunch Of Blogs Or Popular Articles On Virtual Assistants  
Again, I use my own business (Twinsy) to grow itself. Content needs to go out constantly, and you can’t do this, it’s too tedious. You need virtual assistants to create content daily. Content is a daily game, don’t lose.

Move Audible Library To Medium Blog Post
I really love sharing all of the books I read with new and old friends. It’s a great way to figure out what people are really interested in and what they might know. Here is the post I had Twinsy create for me.

Again, repurposing activity into great, meaningful content is underrated and VERY powerful.

Find First Connections On LinkedIn
I learned that the “1st Connections” on LinkedIn are more valuable. You can use them for intros, questions, whatever help an entrepreneur needs. I used these contacts to help a company I’m advising for and it helped, they raised some money recently. It would have taken me a day or so to do this right, which is why I shouldn’t.

Transcribe Job Descriptions
I often have VAs source other workers for me. The whole process is tedious and annoying for me. You should create all the details of who you want hired, the job description, the potential networks where to hire, logins etc, then farm it out.

Contact Information Of VCs
Contact information for VCs is a lot easier to find that you think. But reaching out, cold emailing, calling, or finding mutual connections with VCs is a numbers game as much as it is for acquiring customers. I like to delegate even high level stuff like investment opportunities for venture capitalist to virtual assistants.

Research Password Assistant Tools
I like using password managers, doing work at scale with virtual assistants actually relies on this. Here I am trying to see if there are any new password tracking tools so I could upgrade.

Add Affiliate Links To Blog Posts
I don’t make a ton of money adding affiliate links to my posts, only hundreds of dollars. But, having the links allows me to gain visibility into who is actually BUYING shit from reading my posts. It’s good to know in the future if brands approach you and want that data. I have sold thousands of dollars of stuff from my posts, and I only know it because I have VAs log into my posts and replace links with affiliate links. When people click on your stuff, you should gain a reward.

List Of Small Stores That Sell Vinyl Records In California
A friend of mine has a great product that helps clean vinyl records and I wanted to help him with his sales. We had VAs build lists of record stores so they could later be contacted with the product and buy it. This is a common pattern for all businesses and outsourcing to virtual assistants. Build a list of potential customers, and blast them all with offers.

Find Best Usb Hub Under $10 From Amazon
I often use virtual assistants to buy stuff for me. I don’t want to get lost forever in Amazon, they just make me want to throw money at them every time I open that fucking site. If you can have virtual assistants do your shopping for you, you will face less distractions.

Find Facebook Groups
Virtual assistants can find you channels where you can publish content. I like to build groups related to entrepreneurship and crypto currencies. Whatever you interest is, you need to constantly find and build lists of channels where you can augment your content.

Build A List Of Female Entrepreneurs
This is for some article writing I was doing about female entrepreneurs who were working in Blockchain.

Find 1st And 2nd Connections On LinkedIn From Spreadsheet
This is a continuation of organizing my contacts so I could share them with a startup I’m advising that is doing fundraising. This is a common technique for reaching out to investors with warm intros. Warm intros convert to investments.

Turn All Of Snapchat Videos Into Tweets
You should always be thinking of how you can repurpose content to other social networks. It’s a great way to do less content generation but also squeeze more juice out of the content that you

Contact Spacetime Customer Support
I hate sitting on the phone with customer support. I should add this use of virtual assistants to the top of my list. I probably lowered my blood pressure significantly with this trick. Yes, virtual assistants can make phone calls on your behalf.

List Of Movies
This is for date night, I wanted to test our service Twinsy to see how great they might be at planning out a date night of dinner and movies. I was very busy at work that day. It helped!

List Of Best Online Places To Sell Stuff Online
I needed to get updated with new places to sell stuff I have laying around my apartment cluttering up space.

Search For Prices For Macbook Pro
I bought a new computer and I didn’t want to spend all the time getting lost in prices and getting upsold on other products.

Organizing Documents….

Ok so I’m a bit tired of filling out details but I have the title of all the other tasks I’ve done, If you want more details of any of these tasks feel free to ask and I’ll send over info.

If you want start using Twinsy as your main virtual assistant, it’s very easy, just SEND A MESSAGE to get started immediately.

Thanks for reading!

Tasks continued…

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Remove Duplicates And Fill-In Other Data

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Make Twitter Account

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Sort Through Emails.

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Create Teespring Account

Compose Medium Blog

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